Managing Challenging Mealtimes, June 22

Take the battles out of dinner time!

  • Starts 6 Jun
  • Discovery Children's Centre, Batter Road, SE28 0JN

Course Description

Managing a fussy eater is a real challenge! We know, we've been there. This online course, run by a qualified nutritionist, helps parents of fussy eaters find ways to overcome mealtime battles to result in happy, easy and joyful mealtimes with children growing to accept a wide range of new foods in their diet. It is grounded in evidence-based techniques to support children to eat well. By the end of the course, you'll be able to: Identify how your own behaviour may be impacting on mealtimes. Recognise real life examples of challenging behaviours and how to deal with them. Prepare a plan to create a calm, enjoyable mealtime experience. Recognise the Division of Responsibility is and why it works. Identify what a healthy meal plan looks like and choose new foods to introduce to your child. Create a healthy, varied 2-week meal plan to support mealtimes. Be able to read food labels to make informed choices when making purchases Please note, this course is free to London residents. If you want to check if you're eligible, please contact We are awaiting dates for this course, please contact Georgia above and ask for more details.

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