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  • Do these courses lead to a qualification?
    No, but they will give you a platform to explore your ideas and help you explore and develop a new set of skills. The courses are all interactive with expert trainers who will help you build confidence and develop skills. The business courses will help you explore your idea and to understand if it is feasible. The cooking skills courses will you learn new catering skills, recipes and flavours.
  • Are the courses online?
    All the business support courses are currently online. The cooking skills courses are in person at various venues throughout Greenwich. The family learning courses are at Children's Centres in Greenwich and some are online. The horticulture courses are at gardens in Greenwich.
  • How do I qualify to attend GCDA training?
    If you live, work or study in Greenwich or Greater London and are over 19 years of age, you qualify to attend our courses. You will need to privide some proof of ID in order to register.
  • Is there a charge for the courses?
    No, not if you are a resident of Greater London. The courses are funded by the GLA through the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The courses are free, but you do need to provide certain information in order to register including proof of ID.
  • How will you use my data?
    We collect your data for a number of reasons including monitoring and evaluating the service. Because the courses are funded by the GLA and the Royal Borough of Greenwich, we also share data with them. You can read the full data privacy policy here
  • How can I give feedback about the course or trainer?
    We're always open to receiving feedback, both good and bad! We love to hear whether you enjoyed the course, but if you didn't we need to know to help us improve! You can send feedback back to our Head of Learning at or call 0208 2694894. If you have any comments or complaints about GCDA that you would like to report to the Royal Borough of Greenwich, you can make a formal complaint at:
  • What do I do if I have a safeguarding concern?
    Our priority is to keep our learners safe. If you have any concerns about anything at all, please contact our Head of Learning Mel Taylor on or call 0208 2694894. Alternatively you can contact our Safeguarding Officer Claire Pritchard on If you have safety concerns you can contact the Royal Borough of Greenwich on 07805 708524, 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday. Outside of these hours you should call 020 8854 8888 If you see something that could cause an accident tell a member of staff straight away
  • Where can I find the learner handbook?
    The learner handbook is packed full of useful information and contacts. You need to read and absorb it before attending training. You can access a copy here -
  • Do I need a laptop to take part in the online courses?
    Yes, you do. Our online courses use Powerpoint, Excel and other software. It is not really possible to do this on a phone. If you don't have a laptop, please see if you could borrow one.
  • Do I need to bring anything for the cooking courses?
    The cooking skills courses provide all the ingredients and equipment. You will need to bring an apron and a Tupperware or take away container to take away any leftover food.
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