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Expand Your Skills, Grow your Horizons


Support for New Businesses

Whether you've got a burning passion you want to turn into a business, or you're up and running but need some support; we've got a course for you!


From business start-up training, specialist food business courses, or social media and web design courses, we have an excellent suite of training to suit all needs.


Run by industry experts, our interactive online sessions entail plenty of group discussions, activities and practical tools to implement what you've learnt.


Creative Skills

A brand new and exciting range of creative courses.

Let your imagination run free and put pen to paper on our creative writing course. 

They say a stick in time saves nine. Join our sewing courses and learn how to keep the clothes you a whole lot longer. 

Click below to learn more about our free adult learning in Greenwich courses.


Cooking Skills

We have a wide and exciting range of new cooking skills courses all run by our professional chef trainer.  With interactive, fun and informative sessions, you'll learn a range of new skills, ideas and recipes. 

Or maybe you're looking to upskill or find a job in the catering industry? We've also got courses to suit you.


Whether it's gaining new knife skills, exploring changing culinary trends, or learning about what it takes to work in a commercial kitchen, we have a course to suit you.


Horticultural Skills

Fancy finding free food on your doorstep?

Join our food-growing expert on a relaxing walk around your neighbourhood, finding out all the edible delights growing nearby and what you can add to your salads and stir frys!

Starting from 6 different locations in the borough, the walks will last for an hour and a half, so a great chance to get some fresh air, meet new people and exercise too.

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