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Spotlight on - Lisa Barry

Updated: Jun 10

Lisa Barry enrolled on GCDA's All Sewn Up course for beginners admitting that she was rather scared of sewing machines! Keen to banish her fears and learn a new skill she was determined to give the course a go.

Over the next five weeks, with the help of tutor Mary Jane Baxter, Lisa mastered how to thread up and use the Janome sewing machines (we have a number of machines available for our learners to use), and completed all the projects taught on the course. These include a lavender bag, a cushion cover, fabric boxes, a tote bag (using princess seams), and a fully lined zip pouch. Each project uses a range of skills that build up in difficulty each week.

A variety of fabric boxes made by learners

On completing the course, Lisa was touched to hear that she had been gifted a sewing machine by her cousin's aunt who had recently passed away. In spite of still being relatively new to sewing, Lisa used her new found confidence to figure out how the machine worked and give it a go! Says Lisa.....

Lisa's gifted machine and her completed project

"I'd like to thank you so much for your kind and patient tutorial skills on the last All Sewn Up in 5 Weeks course. I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want it to end! I’ve persevered with the sewing machine I was gifted and after hours (days 😂) of trying to thread it, I managed to make this! Super proud of myself!"

We're really proud of Lisa too. Not only has she learned a new skill, she's saved a sewing machine from landfill, which is great news for the environment. Lisa has already enrolled for another GCDA sewing course, and we're sure she's going to 'sew' from strength to strength!

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